M 100

M 100

The end-milling machine M100 is conceived to mill profiles up to 125mm in width at any angles from 30° to 135°.
The profile is blocked by two vertical clamp cylinders, operating at low/high pressure.
The machine is equipped with a certified bimanual control device (EN574-3A).
An optional horizontal clamp enables to block the profile at angles from 45° to 135°

The feed of the milling unit happens by means of an oil-pneumatic cylinder.
The motor (1,5Kw at 2800rpm) is provided with a separate braking circuit, capable of stopping the rotation within few seconds.
The motor carriage moves on recircu-lating balls guide bushes.
The standard profile table guarantees a steady support to profiles up to 0,8m in length.
An optional wide foldaway support is available for longer profiles


  • Manufacturer: MLA
  • PDF datasheet: Download



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