WS 203, WS 203 HF

WS 203, WS 203 HF

Water slot milling unit

The new water slot milling units WS 203 – WS 203 HF impress with their sensational price-performance ratio and adapt ideally and individually to a wide variety of processing requirements. Most modern laser manufacturing technique is the basis of this construction.

Hardened and grounded shafts are the basis, ball screw bushings with seals guarantee a smooth and debris resistant operation. Stable heavy duty guides take care of a precise positioning of the units and guarantee a clear milling process.

The milling motor is equipped with a soft start function which reflects in durability. Also, the rotation speed of the motors on the WS 203 is infinitely variable from 11.000 to 33.000 u/min. These features not only provide for low power consumption but also reduce the acoustic noise level.

All milling unites can individually get started and when necessary, only a drilling work step is possible.

The WS 203-HF is equipped with very solid and maintenance free high-frequency motors.

Short set-up times and greatest variety allow revolver stops with 6 positions each and make the operation very comfortable. Via locking lever technology, the positions can get changed in next to no time.

Highlight of this construction is a tiltable milling unit in both directions, on the top 20° each and from 0 – 65 ° on the bottom.

This allows the uncompromising processing of frame bars as well as sliding systems.

The pneumatic side stops in combination with the bottom milling unit save time enormously.

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