Profile processing centre

Highly flexible and universally applicable for processing of PVC profiles. Proven machine building quality in connection with modern and sophisticated control technology set new standard regarding:

Flexibility: all profiles are processed on the face. Profile fixtures are not necessary

Processingvariety: the rotation-device principle enables tool positioning independent for the angle.

Performance: Modern CNC control engineering allows fast operational sequences. All operations are automated.

User-Friendliness: an intuitive and logical user interface enables operation.

Profile measures:
Width max. 140 mm
Height max. 120 mm

Part lengths:
min. 200 mm
max. 3500 mm according to the layout of the off-feed transport and the safety guarding

Standard configuration:
6 drilling units, 0.75 kW, 1500 - 3000 1/min
2 milling units, 0.5 kW, max. 18.000 1/min


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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