In the modular machining centre, all important components such as controller, monitor-based user interface, scanner as well as infeed and exit transport buffer are logically arranged. The superstructure of the PBZ profile machining centre is accessible from all sides, thus guaranteeing fast tool changes, as well as easy maintenance and repair.

Thanks to the freely programmable machining steps made possible by sophisticated software, there are no limits to the variety of machining options. It goes without saying that the PBZ can easily be integrated in existing networks. Individual profile machining processes, new profiles or complete profile systems are programmed by our application engineers at our customers‘ request and transmitted directly into the machine controller by means of remote maintenance software.

A summary of the technical highlights:     
    all machining units are continuously programmable
    positioning by means of CNC-controlled servo axles
    no profile junctions required
    modest space requirements
    controlled by a diskless industrial PC (Windows XP)
    15“ touch-screen monitor
    graphic fault diagnostics
    maintenance menus
    online connection
    individual profiles or profile systems can be retrofitted online at any time

Machining for window profiles:
   screw connections of the aluminium-steel reinforcements with automatic screw guide
   milled/drilled drainage holes*
   milled/drilled ventilation holes*
   milled/drilled forced ventilation holes*
   drilled plug holes**
   drilled transom holes in the window frame**
   transverse drilled transom holes
   edge plate holes in the window frame/transom**
   drilled corner strap holes in the casement
   drilled corner bearing holes in the window frame/transom**
   scissor bearing holes in the window frame/ transom**
   drilled olive holes**
   drilled nipple holes in the roller shutter guide strips**
   drilled weatherboard hole
Machining for entrance door profiles:     
    lock case recesses
    drilled latch holes**
    drilled/milled holes for closing cylinders*
    recessed slots in the window frame/transom*
    drilled strap holes in the casement/window frame/mullion**
    carrying loop holes in the window frame/ transom**
    milled holes for letterbox*
    drilled/milled holes for electric door opener
    drilled weatherboard holes**
    milled holes for sealing groove with retracted seal
    special machining

* = Plastic
** = Aluminium-steel reinforcement


  • Manufacturer: Thorwesten
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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