Corner cleaning Urban corner cleaning machines allow the rational processing and cleaning of vinyl window profiles after the welding cycle. Thanks to numerous processing tools not only the weld seam gets removed but also transoms, bars, crosses and overlap sashes get processed. For more than 4 decades now Urban has been producing the product range corner cleaning machines. We offer a wide variety of machines, from manual cleaning units to single machines with PC-controller to fully automated CNC controlled corner cleaning units. Each machine has a special focus and therefore each and every customer wish can get fulfilled. Urban has the perfect machine model for each purpose and every production demand available. All models allow the flexible selection of the tool places and the tooling can get adjusted according to the customer’s request. Depending on the machine model many additional processing options are available as well and can get completed at any time. Each machine used in a production can get linked to a fully automated production line thanks to roller conveyors, turning stations, sorting- and destacking units and material stock shelves.

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