KFM 5000 / KFM 6000

KFM 5000 / KFM 6000

Contour machine

With the KFM versions, we developed for you very reasonable contour cutting machines for the machining of inner corners with radii and inclinations at PVC profiles welded in an angle of 90°. With its productivity, quick functioning and versatility, the KFM optimally meets your productional requirements.

Exact machining...
By the inner stop technique the profiles are optimally clamped and centered. This reduces the tolerances in the machining area to an absolute minimum.

Efficient and flexible...
The exchangeable template for different contours ensures flexibility and the corresponding quick-change system saves a lot of precious production time.

KFM 5000
Variant with shank-type cutter for the inner corner and parts of outer corner

KFM 6000-I
Variant with disk cutter and tracer skid for inner corner and parts of visible surface (patented).

KFM 6000-A
Variant with disk cutter for the visible surface and parts of outer corner.


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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