TLG-352 SA

TLG-352 SA

Precision mitre saw

  • semi-automatic because of manual saw feed
  • tiltable to both sides 45°-90°-45°-0° (lockable), intermediate angles possible
  • vertical guide of the machining unit in hard-chromium-plated double shaft guiding
  • manual saw feed as well as vertical pneumatic workpiece clamping, spraying device, maintenance unit, with water separator and pressure reducer, cleaning pistol
  • including hard metal saw blade with a diam. of 350 mm

A cutting display as well as a digital angle display it not available for his model.

Applicable for the cutting of aluminium and vinyl profiles with a large cutting range.

Manual inter-angle adjustment according to the scale which can get clamped.

In addition, several roller tracks and length stops are optionally available for your production.

Sawing height:  125 mm


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N

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