DARC2 axis controllers for asynchronous motors

Type: A04-05-XX

Ser. No:. ****** 0405

Uin: 24V DC, Iin: 0.4 A, IP: 480-650V DC, IZ: 4A


  • Manufacturer: ferrocontrol
  • Manufacturer No.: 122167702; 122167702T; 122167706; 122167706T; 136167702;
  • Available as: new | replacement | repair exchange
  • field of application: U-R-B-A-N, Haffner

Firmware Version

A04-05-XX A04-05-00 A04-05-01 A04-05-02 A04-05-03 A04-05-04 A04-05-05 A04-05-06 A04-05-07 A04-05-08 A04-05-09 A04-05-0A A04-05-0B A04-05-0C A04-05-0D A04-05-0E A04-05-0F A04-05-0G A04-05-0H A04-05-0I A04-05-0J A04-05-0K A04-05-0L A04-05-0M A04-05-0N A04-05-0O A04-05-0P A04-05-0Q A04-05-0R A04-05-0S A04-05-0T A04-05-0U A04-05-0V A04-05-0W A04-05-0X A04-05-0Y A04-05-0Z A04-05-10 A04-05-11 A04-05-12 A04-05-13 A04-05-14 A04-05-15 A04-05-16 A04-05-17 A04-05-18 A04-05-19 A04-05-1A A04-05-1B A04-05-1C A04-05-1D A04-05-1E A04-05-1F A04-05-1G A04-05-1H A04-05-1I A04-05-1J A04-05-1K A04-05-1L A04-05-1M A04-05-1N A04-05-1O A04-05-1P A04-05-1Q A04-05-1R A04-05-1S A04-05-1T A04-05-1U A04-05-1V A04-05-1W A04-05-1X A04-05-1Y A04-05-1Z A04-05-20 A04-05-21 A04-05-22 A04-05-23 A04-05-24 A04-05-25 A04-05-26 A04-05-27 A04-05-28 A04-05-29 A04-05-2A A04-05-2B A04-05-2C A04-05-2D A04-05-2E A04-05-2F A04-05-2G A04-05-2H A04-05-2I A04-05-2J A04-05-2K A04-05-2L A04-05-2M A04-05-2N A04-05-2O A04-05-2P A04-05-2Q A04-05-2R A04-05-2S A04-05-2T A04-05-2U A04-05-2V A04-05-2W A04-05-2X A04-05-2Y A04-05-2Z
*at a request must mention the exact version and machine type specify

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