DARC2 axis controllers for asynchronous motors

Type: A09-15-XX

Ser. No:. ****** 0915

Uin: 24V DC, Iin: 0.4 A, IP: 480-650V DC, IZ: 9A

Axis controller A09-15-XX can be separately available slots (standard, incremental encoder, resolver), but must be at least with the standard shelf will operate.


  • Manufacturer: ferrocontrol
  • Manufacturer No.: 130167739; 130167739T; 136167717; 136167717T;
  • Available as: new | replacement
  • field of application: U-R-B-A-N, Elumatec, Haffner

Firmware Version

A09-15-XX, A09-15-00, A09-15-01, A09-15-02, A09-15-03, A09-15-04, A09-15-05, A09-15-06, A09-15-07, A09-15-08, A09-15-09, A09-15-0A, A09-15-0B, A09-15-0C, A09-15-0D, A09-15-0E, A09-15-0F, A09-15-0G, A09-15-0H, A09-15-0I, A09-15-0J, A09-15-0K, A09-15-0L, A09-15-0M, A09-15-0N, A09-15-0O, A09-15-0P, A09-15-0Q, A09-15-0R, A09-15-0S, A09-15-0T, A09-15-0U, A09-15-0V, A09-15-0W, A09-15-0X, A09-15-0Y, A09-15-0Z, A09-15-10, A09-15-11, A09-15-12, A09-15-13, A09-15-14, A09-15-15, A09-15-16, A09-15-17, A09-15-18, A09-15-19, A09-15-1A, A09-15-1B, A09-15-1C, A09-15-1D, A09-15-1E, A09-15-1F, A09-15-1G, A09-15-1H, A09-15-1I, A09-15-1J, A09-15-1K, A09-15-1L, A09-15-1M, A09-15-1N, A09-15-1O, A09-15-1P, A09-15-1Q, A09-15-1R, A09-15-1S, A09-15-1T, A09-15-1U, A09-15-1V, A09-15-1W, A09-15-1X, A09-15-1Y, A09-15-1Z, A09-15-20, A09-15-21, A09-15-22, A09-15-23, A09-15-24, A09-15-25, A09-15-26, A09-15-27, A09-15-28, A09-15-29, A09-15-2A, A09-15-2B, A09-15-2C, A09-15-2D, A09-15-2E, A09-15-2F, A09-15-2G, A09-15-2H, A09-15-2I, A09-15-2J, A09-15-2K, A09-15-2L, A09-15-2M, A09-15-2N, A09-15-2O, A09-15-2P, A09-15-2Q, A09-15-2R, A09-15-2S, A09-15-2T, A09-15-2U, A09-15-2V, A09-15-2W, A09-15-2X, A09-15-2Y, A09-15-2Z,
*at a request must mention the exact version and machine type specify

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