The DARC servo module is connected to a synchronous motor, and a DARC supply module. The servo module modulates the supply provided by the module 600VDC DC in the, necessary for positioning, three-phase motor voltage. Several power modules are coupled in parallel to each other. The axis controller has a resolver interface.


  • Manufacturer: ferrocontrol
  • Manufacturer No.: 130167706, 377471
  • Available as: new | replacement | repair exchange
  • field of application: U-R-B-A-N, Elumatec, Actual, Haffner, Horstmann, Hüllhorst, Staude, Perforex

Firmware Version

S02-00-XX, S02-00-00, S02-00-01, S02-00-02, S02-00-03, S02-00-04, S02-00-05, S02-00-06, S02-00-07, S02-00-08, S02-00-09, S02-00-0A, S02-00-0B, S02-00-0C, S02-00-0D, S02-00-0E, S02-00-0F, S02-00-0G, S02-00-0H, S02-00-0I, S02-00-0J, S02-00-0K, S02-00-0L, S02-00-0M, S02-00-0N, S02-00-0O, S02-00-0P, S02-00-0Q, S02-00-0R, S02-00-0S, S02-00-0T, S02-00-0U, S02-00-0V, S02-00-0W, S02-00-0X, S02-00-0Y, S02-00-0Z, S02-00-10, S02-00-11, S02-00-12, S02-00-13, S02-00-14, S02-00-15, S02-00-16, S02-00-17, S02-00-18, S02-00-19, S02-00-1A, S02-00-1B, S02-00-1C, S02-00-1D, S02-00-1E, S02-00-1F, S02-00-1G, S02-00-1H, S02-00-1I, S02-00-1J, S02-00-1K, S02-00-1L, S02-00-1M, S02-00-1N, S02-00-1O, S02-00-1P, S02-00-1Q, S02-00-1R, S02-00-1S, S02-00-1T, S02-00-1U, S02-00-1V, S02-00-1W, S02-00-1X, S02-00-1Y, S02-00-1Z, S02-00-20, S02-00-21, S02-00-22, S02-00-23, S02-00-24, S02-00-25, S02-00-26, S02-00-27, S02-00-28, S02-00-29, S02-00-2A, S02-00-2B, S02-00-2C, S02-00-2D, S02-00-2E, S02-00-2F, S02-00-2G, S02-00-2H, S02-00-2I, S02-00-2J, S02-00-2K, S02-00-2L, S02-00-2M, S02-00-2N, S02-00-2O, S02-00-2P, S02-00-2Q, S02-00-2R, S02-00-2S, S02-00-2T, S02-00-2U, S02-00-2V, S02-00-2W, S02-00-2X, S02-00-2Y, S02-00-2Z,

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