FBA 2500/2

FBA 2500/2

Sash Assembly Station

In this quality high-end sash assembly unit proven processing units have been combined: Pre-assembly station (FAS 250, FAS 320 or BMT 2500) followed by a double-axis screwing unit (FBA 2500/2) and extendable with a de-stacking unit (ST 1600 with ASR 20…).
So we can offer you a station that works fast and metal fitting neutral and adjusts individually and cost-efficiently to your production needs due to the modular set-up.
The station impresses with a one-of-a-kind transport - and clamping system. This allows the processing of all different kind of profiles. The two screw units, controlled by two high-performance servo motors are a guarantor for short through-put times.

Pre-assembly station (FAS 250, FAS 320 or BMT 2500):

  • Insertion and selection of the metal fitting parts with a PC-operator guidance
  • Individual upgrading possible
  • Metal fitting press for the cross cutting of long parts with NC-controlled length stop
  • Storage shelves for metal fitting parts


  • Corner bracket drill unit with automatic drill cycle incl. 2-spindle drill head (at BMT 2500)
  • Barcode scanner (manual) or barcode scanner (automatic).

Sash assembly station (FBA 2500/2)

  • Two high-performance screwing units with the possibility to process different screw lengths
  • Automatic adjustment of the screw unit to different screw heights and depths
  • Profile neutral clamping – and stop system
  • Process control of the unit with optical display at malfunctions
  • High-end industrial PC with large TFT colour display
  • Gentle sash transport with wide flat belts


  • Different screw lengths via additional infeed units
  • Tilting table for the sash outfeed resp. destacking unit
  • Automatic tilt-up of the sash with outfeed into the customised sash distribution station resp. into the destacking shelves.


  • Destacking into shelves (Number of shelves is freely selectable)
  • Logistic organisation of the frame-sash joining
  • Frame scanner with display and specification of corresponding sash


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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