FAS 250

FAS 250

FAS 250 - Sash assembly station

With the FAS 250 we developed for you a flexible machine of high quality that convinces by its sensational price-performance ratio. The FAS 250 makes the assembly of fittings and corner brackets more efficient and easier. The machine is easy to handle and has a very robust construction. That´s an important plus for a long life. So the FAS 250 optimally meets your productional requirements. For being able to work in an ergonomic position you have the possibility to adjust the table´s height and inclination individually. Slide ledges or felt surfaces protect the profile and swing bolts ensure fast turning and safe counterhold. With the easy moving and long lasting screwing unit including depth stop and external screw feed unit you can work exactly and quick. The screwing unit is equipped with a pneumatic height adjustment for the area of the hardware groove and the hinge. (Second screw size via manual feed).


FAS 250/BS hydropneumatic punch (straight cut or shaped cut).
FAS 0250/EB corner bracket drilling unit with quick-change drill chuck.
FAS 250/AS stop system for centered and constant handle position.


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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