Frame assembly station

By integrating the frame assembly station RBS into your production you can considerably automate the mounting of fittings. Profit from the constantly high machining quality and from the enormous flexibility! The machine base is made up by a stiffened and distortion-free welded construction and heavy duty guides ensure a robust and solid construction. This means: highest reliability and longevity in your production. The machine has a digital 2-axes control that calculates the frame´s fitting position where it automatically moves to.
The operator only inserts the indicated fitting part (the exact position is marked by a laser) and starts the screwing cycles at the touch of a button.

The drilling unit for cross corner brackets is manually tiltable from 0° crossways to 90° lengthways and 80° crossways while the adjustment is made via locking bolts and clamping screws. For the cross corner brackets the drillings for the trunnions and the predrillings for the screws are realized by the multi-spindle unit in only one working step.

The CPC controlled double screwing unit (vertical) with adjustment for 2 x 2 screwings can be pneumatically swivelled from 0° lengthways to 90° crossways for the machining of
transoms. And you have the possibility to extend the switch-off depth to two different
levels. The automatic screw feed additionally helps you to save valuable production time.

A further plus for flexibility and efficiency is the double, horizontal screwing unit for
screwing in vinyl (screwdriver 1) and in steel (screwdriver 2). The screwdrivers are arranged at a 90° slewing unit and the screws are fed by two ASS 80 RBS with forked light barrier control of the screw buffer. And apart from that an integrated line laser facilitates the exact positioning of the fittings.

The basic machine includes a manual scanner for barcodes and a clearly-arranged IPC
control (control cabinet and operating panel) and allows a simple attachment to window construction software by an integrated network connection (adaptation of window
construction software has to be provided by the customer). The frames are aligned at a longitudinal retractable stop rail and an inner stop for tolerance-independent X positioning guarantees optimal machining results. During the automatic operation the frame assembly station is equipped with a light barrier control to ensure the operators` safety.


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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