ESB 210

ESB 210

Drilling unit for cross corner brackets

The drilling unit ESB 210 allows you a very efficient drilling of the spot holes for cross corner brackets with similar bores.

The multi-spindle drilling head is individually adapted to the customer´s specifications (2 – 6 spindles possible), so that the ESB 210 can be flexibly and easily integrated into your production line.

Two hydropneumatic drilling units and a pneumatic centering device via inner stops as well as the proven CPC control guarantee a smooth and automatic running and the flush-mounted inner stop provides an unproblematic transportation of the frame; a testing of the machine cycle lead to about 25 seconds for one frame.

The operator profits from the support table with brush strips or mushroom profiles that can be adjusted from 850 to 950 mm and allows an ergonomic working position.


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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