Screwing unit for locking parts

The SSA V1is designed to screw fitting parts on wood, plastic and aluminium profiles. The basic version offers:

  • ball guide rails
  • cross-lasers to position the screw-driver
  • Y-axis moving of the screw-driver by compressed air
  • two turret stops allow a wide range of settings
    (each with 8 adjusting screws)
  • detachable shelve for system boxes
  • Automatic screw feed device ASS 60, for feeding single screws by hand the unit can be switched off
  • strong, long-life pneumatic screw-driver
  • fully automatic screw system
  • easy integration into a production line


  • running rail for hand screw driver
  • other screw feed devices can be added to machine different screw dimensions


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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