AMS 6010

AMS 6010

Screwing unit 

The fully automatic screwing unit AMS 6010 for screwing steel reinforcements in vinyl window profiles offers proven Urban quality, best operating comfort, highest precision and an excellent price-performance ratio.

A clearly arranged CPC control and the simple handling via display allow comfortable operation. The screw feed unit of the AMS 6010 with integrated automatic screw feed and depth switch-off guarantees efficiency and rationality. Due to the continuous and automatic monitoring of the screwing process you are able to produce very reliably. An important plus of the AMS 6010 is the flexibility and adaptability to different profiles (also to door frame profiles) because all screwing positions and distances are infinitely variable. When placing your order please indicate which throughput direction you desire.

In eight hours about 1.600 profiles can be screwed.
(Based on the profile bar length of 1000 mm with respectively 4 screws).


  • profile identification between frame and sash (different screwing positions)
  • identification of cutout for transom
  • identification of lock case
  • discharge of the profile onto destacking table or roller conveyor


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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