AKS 6900

AKS 6900

4-/6-/8-head welding machine

With the horizontal multi-head welding machine AKS 6905 and 6910 U-R-B-A-N designed a high-end and extremely flexible machine series for your needs. The AKS 6900 I-Pos welding machine is available in many sizes (with four, six or eight welding heads). The AKS 6900 is very versatile, e.g. for the welding of V-bars as well as for the butt welding of bars, optionally with heater plate from the top or the bottom – so the machine adjusts perfectly to your production requirements.

  • AKS 6905 I-Pos with weld seam limitation 2.0 mm
  • AKS 6910 I-Pos with weld seam limitation 0.2 mm
    (equipped with heated clamping plates and stainless steel knives )

All components comply with our high quality standard – so your reliable production is secured at any time. The convenient access to the single modules allows you a fast and easy maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

A special feature of this machine series is the integrated inside stop I-Pos. This excellent highlight allows the welding of different wide profiles without fixture change. This results in a clear time advantage in your production. And the inside corner is always situated at the correct position. When the inside stop feature is not in use, it can get turned off (same goes for the outside stop). An additional advantage is the operator friendly inclined access to the front clamping element. This function allows a problem free and ergonomic insertion even of the smallest elements.

The fact that all parameters such as welding temperature, warm up time, fusing and joining pressure and joining time are individually adjustable and therefore allow an ideal adjustment to all different kind of profiles. The welding temperature is permanently controlled thanks to fine-tuned temperature controller and heating elements.
The fusing time adjusts automatically to the different profile cross sections.
The electronic positioning of the X-Y axis takes place with AC-servo motors. All models are equipped with an integrated onward belt to the corner cleaning machine.


  • Manufacturer: U-R-B-A-N
  • PDF datasheet: Download

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