DARC2, digital axis control controller, 4A effective, for synchronous motors (without insert card)

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Manufacturer: Ferrocontrol
Also used for: Elumatec
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The DARC2 servo module is connected to a synchronous motor and a DARC supply module. The servo module modulates the 600VDC intermediate circuit provided by the supply module into the three-phase motor voltage required for positioning.

Several servo modules can be coupled to one another in parallel.
The axis controller has a slot for various modules (not used).

the following slots are available:

  • Standard insert module DE-STA
  • Safety relay module DE-SIR

Please note: At least one standard plug-in unit (DE-STA) is required for proper function.

Plug and Work

Plug & Work

means that the intelligent control components are equipped with the appropriate firmware and parameter sets for the respective machine types.

Please note that for inquiries / orders from the machine manufacturer, the machine type and the article number of the component is required.

  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
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  • Proven Quality
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