AC servo motor of the FMR series (Ferrocontrol Motor Resolver)

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Manufacturer: Ferrocontrol
Also used for: Actual, IMA Schelling, Josting, Kiesling, MAW Nottmeyer, Perforex, Rapid, Siempelkamp, Urban
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The AC servomotors of the FMR series (Ferrocontrol Motor Resolver), together with the drive controllers from the DARC and DARC 2 product family, form highly dynamic servo drive units.

Electronic commutation
These motors are permanent-magnet motors with sinusoidal electronic commutation. 2-pole resolvers are used as feedback systems.

Motor shaft
The output shaft of the motors is designed with a feather key according to DIN 6885 as standard. A smooth shaft is optionally available.

Holding brake
All motors are also available with a holding brake. It enables backlash-free clamping of the drive shaft at a standstill. The holding force of the brake is designed according to the standstill torque of the motors. In general, the holding torque of the brake (M) is in the order of magnitude of the standstill torque of the motor (M0). In the case of large overall lengths of flange sizes FMR 063, FMR 071 and FMR 100, however, the holding torque of the brake can be less than the standstill torque of the motor.
For the exact value, please refer to the data sheets for the relevant motors.

Very high operational reliability
The brushless design and the use of grease-lubricated bearings (for the entire service life) ensure a very high level of operational reliability.

Degree of protection IP65
The high degree of protection IP65 (except FMR028) enables operation under the most adverse environmental conditions.

Temperature monitoring – motor winding
All FMR motors are equipped with 2 temperature sensors. The evaluation takes place in the axis controller. This ensures reliable protection of the motor windings.

Plug and Work

Plug & Work

means that the intelligent control components are equipped with the appropriate firmware and parameter sets for the respective machine types.

Please note that for inquiries / orders from the machine manufacturer, the machine type and the article number of the component is required.

  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
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