GSU 100, GSU-K 100 | Handle drilling machine – lock case miller


Handle drilling lock case milling and copy milling unit



  • Drilling unit with controllable automatic hydro-pneumatic feed
  • Drilling position infinitely variable by hand wheel with mechanical digital display
  • Profile positioning for centre handle position by centring unit operated by hand wheel
  • Uniform handle seats adjustable by lateral hinged stops
  • Stable milling unit with manual feed running on two heavy-duty guides
  • Milling height is set by turret stop
  • Manual copy milling unit with tracer pin from the top
  • Universal copying template
  • Two adjustable pneumatic profile clamping units with safety pre-clamping pressure


  • High-frequency motor for lock case milling
  • Hinged stops
  • Copy milling templates
  • Handle drill / milling cutter


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GSU / GSUK 100 GOS miller