MAG 2-DIGIN 2416 Elumatec

The fieldbus module MAG 2-DIGIN 2416 is a digital input module with 16 inputs.

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Manufacturer: Ferrocontrol
Also used for: Elumatec
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The digital input module MAG 2-DIGIN 2416 is suitable for the connection of up to 16 digital sensors, such as buttons, limit switches or proximity switches. Sensors that require operating voltage can be connected directly using the 3-wire connection. There is no additional terminal strip for distributing the operating voltage. The initiator supply is protected by a 4 ampere overload protection. This means that partial operation can be guaranteed in the event of a short circuit. An additional field voltage distribution or protection is not necessary. For diagnosis, the module status can be read directly via three LEDs on the module without tools such as a laptop or diagnostic device. Each channel has a status display that shows the detected input signal and thus makes the machine status readable on the module.

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  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
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  • Proven Quality
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