STH 2500 | Swivel Tables With And Without Height Adjustment


To bring the window element into the requested working position



  • Pneumatic swivelling from 100° to 180°
  • Stepless height adjustment by 500 mm
  • Lateral extension, manual, of additional supports by 500 mm each
  • 2 flat clamping cylinder units (SP 120), completely retractable below the support surface
  • Manually folded roller conveyor with steel rollers
  • Profile protecting cover
  • Table height adjustable from 850 mm to 950 mm
  • Integrable into production lines
  • Load capacity up to 150 kgs


  • Cut-out for window drip
  • Additional flat clamping cylinder units
  • Drive unit
  • Selectable table support: Mushroom, felt or brush profile


Here you will find additional attachments to the product. Click on the icon to download.

STH 2500

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