DARC supply module with 5KW power, fieldbus interface and interpolation calculator (IPR)

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Manufacturer: Ferrocontrol
Also used for: Actual, IMA Schelling, Josting, Kiesling, MAW Nottmeyer, Perforex, Rapid, Siempelkamp, Urban
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The V05-10-10-03 supply module provides the DC link voltage of 560 V via a direct supply without transformer.
The supply module coordinates the higher-level tasks for managing the axis controller data and the data communication of the DARC system to the fieldbus interface and to the service interface.

The V05-10-10-03 supply module provides the following functions in the DARC automation system:

  • Direct current energy (intermediate circuit) for the digital axis controller
  • Control of the data communication to the digital axis controllers via the DARC system bus
  • Data transmission to a higher-level control center with fieldbus connection.
  • For parameterization, commissioning and simple axis positioning via PC.


  • Power 5kW.
  • Fieldbus bus interface
  • Service interface / RS-232 for setting up and parameterizing the DARC system.
  • interpolation calculator

Plug & Work

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  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
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