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With the DARC 2-Compact servo controller, powerful single-axis applications can be implemented particularly economically.

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With the DARC 2-Compact servo controller, powerful single-axis applications can be implemented particularly economically.
It consists of a combination of supply module and axis controller module.

You can control the DARC 2-Compact servo controller via the integrated fieldbus interface or via digital binary inputs.
The fieldbus connection is not required for control via the binary inputs.

Fast I/O control without fieldbus connection
You can store 64 complete traversing records in the DARC 2-Compact. If necessary, the corresponding traversing block (via the digital inputs)
be started. You can create these traversing blocks on an external PC and load them into the DARC 2-Compact controller via the integrated serial interface.

Control via fieldbus connection
A CAN Open interface is included in the DARC 2-Compact controller.
In this operating mode, the DARC 2-Compact controller receives its work instructions (including parameters) from a higher-level master computer system (SPS / PLC).
All information and data for the implementation of these work instructions are stored centrally on the “master computer system”.

Other properties:

  • 2KVA power
  • Field-oriented control for asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • Homing
  • Integrated high-resolution encoder interface for speed and position detection.
    Direct connection of the encoder feedback via system cable (pluggable).
    In conjunction with a high-resolution motor feedback system, a
    high positioning accuracy and high load rigidity guaranteed.
  • Relative and absolute positioning
  • Integrated application function. Control is via the I/Os.
  • Integrated mains filter (class A)
  • Integrated braking resistor
    In many applications, no external braking resistor is required.
  • Servo operation with encoder feedback or frequency converter operation without encoder feedback possible (e.g. frequency converter operation up to 24,000 rpm for spindle operation).
  • 16 inputs (24V) and 8 freely configurable inputs/outputs integrated
  • Fieldbus interface according to CAN-Open
  • Separate 24V feed For secure communication with the fieldbus, even if the power supply fails.
  • Support of direct drives (linear motor)

Plug & Work

means that the intelligent control components are equipped with the appropriate firmware and parameter sets for the respective machine types.

Please note that for inquiries / orders from the machine manufacturer, the machine type and the article number of the component is required.

  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
  • Optional warranty extension to 3 years
  • Telephone support during commissioning
  • Service technician on request
  • Proven Quality
  • Stress and long-term test in the heating cabinet

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