E-SU3 synchronous compact motors from Eckelmann FCS

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Manufacturer: Eckelmann
Also used for: Actual, Elumatec, IMA Schelling, Josting, Kiesling, MAW Nottmeyer, Perforex, Rapid, Siempelkamp, Urban
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  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
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  • Proven Quality

The AC servomotors of the E-SU3 series synchronous compact motors.

The E-SU3 synchronous compact motors from Eckelmann FCS, together with the drive controllers from the E-Darc product family, form very precise and highly dynamic servo drive units.

Electronic commutation
These motors are permanent-magnet motors with sinusoidal electronic commutation.
Incremental encoders or encoders in single or multiturn versions are used as feedback systems.

Holding brake
All motors are also available with a holding brake. It enables play-free clamping of the
drive shaft at a standstill. The holding force of the brake is designed according to the standstill torque of the motors.

Very high operational reliability
The brushless design and the use of grease-lubricated bearings (for the entire service life) ensure a very high level of operational reliability.

Recommended controller:

  • E-DARC K10

Plug and Work

Plug & Work

means that the intelligent control components are equipped with the appropriate firmware and parameter sets for the respective machine types.

Please note that for inquiries / orders from the machine manufacturer, the machine type and the article number of the component is required.

  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
  • Optional warranty extension to 3 years
  • Telephone support during commissioning
  • Service technician on request
  • Proven Quality
  • Stress and long-term test in the heating cabinet

Technical specifications

Technical specifications:

  • Rated torque Nm 2.39
  • Rated speed min-1 3000
  • max. Radial force N 335
  • mass kg 3,3
  • Holding brake 24V DC
  • Number of pole pairs 3
  • Rated power kW 0.75
  • Mains voltage V AC 230