FBA 2500/4 | Machining station

automatic screwing of metal mounts on side-hung, pivot-hung and french casement windows



  • Can be used for any metal mount and profile types
  • Simultaneous assembly of three sashes
  • French casement sashes can be screwed automatically
  • Automatic restrictor and closing device
  • User-friendly thanks to visual display of the metal mounts
  • Four screwing units are active simultaneously
  • Controlled and monitored screw feed
  • A number of different screw lengths can be used
  • Process-reliable operation for industrial screwing of metal mounts
  • Automatic transport


  • Automatic logistics system for sash management
  • Accurate drilling of the corner hinges
  • Screw feed devices for additional screw lengths
  • French encasement sashes
  • Extension of rebate dimension is possible
  • Worktable for sash assembly BMT 2500
  • Sash mount shelf FBR 40 / FBR 41
  • Barcode scanner

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FBA 2500/4

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