E°Darc : CAN bus module

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Manufacturer: Eckelmann
Also used for: Actual, Elumatec, IMA Schelling, Josting, Kiesling, MAW Nottmeyer, Perforex, Rapid, Siempelkamp, Urban
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  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
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  • Proven Quality

Intelligent drive control requires fast communication with the higher-level systems.

By conveniently plugging in option cards, the desired fieldbus standard and a wide range of encoder interfaces are available with the E°Darc:

CANopen® or EtherCAT® as fieldbus variants and Hyperface, Resolver, EnDat and BiSS for the encoders.

The E°Darc is particularly suitable for multi-axis applications. The dimensions were chosen so that installation is also possible in control cabinets with a depth of only 300mm.
In principle, the maximum number of controllers on one supply is not limited

–the limit is determined solely by the performance of the supply.

The E°Darc does not need a backplane.

The controller and supply modules are hung on the DIN rail and pushed together.
The intermediate circuit feed of the axis controller does not take place via conventional busbars:
a plug-in intermediate circuit bus takes over this task.
Complex wiring work for the energy supply and the installation of covers are no longer necessary.
The mains choke and braking resistor are already included in the supply module.
The consistently pluggable inputs and outputs in the upper and lower part of the housing help to further reduce the effort involved in assembling the system.



Plug & Work

means that the intelligent control components are equipped with the appropriate firmware and parameter sets for the respective machine types.

Please note that for inquiries / orders from the machine manufacturer, the machine type and the article number of the component is required.

  • 2 year warranty on new and refurbished devices
  • Optional warranty extension to 3 years
  • Telephone support during commissioning
  • Service technician on request
  • Proven Quality
  • Stress and long-term test in the heating cabinet

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