AKS 3950 | 2-head welding machine

For standard, inclined and HFL elements

With the 2-head welding machine U-R-B-A-N AKS 3950 you can weld two corner joints at an angle of 90° in just one operation.

The AKS 3950 stands for a contemporary machine frame concept combined with a consistent design that is focused on efficiency.



  • Weld bead limitation 2 mm or
    0.2mm with limit gauge
  • clamping plates heated
  • Welding parameters individually adjustable
  • strength optimization
  • automatic welding head positioning
  • Electronically controlled heater plate temperature
  • Profile height up to 200 mm


  • machine bed extension
  • Stationary welding head left or right
  • Mirror Height Shift HFL
  • Gasket Former
  • Point and butt stop (30° – 180°)

Here you will find more information. Click on the icon to download.

AKS 3950 welding machine

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