AKS 9600-CUT 6-8 | multi-head welding machine

Produce corner joints with the latest technology and optics



  • Standard welding
  • Variable burn-off and limitation
  • Highly efficient
  • Aluminum shell / clip, miter design, mill and weld in the machine.
  • Contour milling
  • Gasket milling
  • User-friendly usage
  • High quality results, due to the face milling of the corners
  • No cutting back of protective film required, insert with protective film and weld
  • CNC controlled processes


  • 4-, 6- and 8-head welding machines, butt welded or V-welded
  • Bead-free and seamless welding
  • Variable discharge
  • HFL function

Dear URBAN customers and interested parties,

the name URBAN has stood for quality, service and know-how in window construction for over 60 years.

As a family-run, medium-sized company, URBAN respects third-party property rights that have been rightfully granted, just as URBAN expects its competitors to do with respect to URBAN’s own property rights.

One of URBAN’s competitors, Graf Synergy, claims that an optional feature of URBAN welding machines would infringe a patent.

This is not the case.

Rather, the basis for the associated legal action was withdrawn at the end of January because the asserted patent EP 3 156 214 B1 was revoked in its entirety by the European Patent Office. The corresponding official communication is available for public inspection in the Patent Register of the European Patent Office, but URBAN will also be pleased to make this communication available upon request.

Graf will likely appeal this ruling. However, even if this patent should be upheld in the appeal proceedings, which is not to be assumed, there is no patent infringement in URBAN’s opinion.

URBAN always ensures – as in the past – that URBAN technology can be used for your production free of third-party rights and meets your expectations and requirements.

This is what URBAN stands for with its name and our team – for over 60 years.

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