AKS 6400 | 4-head welding machine horizontal

The best-selling Urban 4-head welding machine

With the horizontal 4-head welding machines AKS 6405 and 6410, U-R-B-A-N has developed a high-quality and extremely flexible machine series for you that optimally adapts to your needs.
• AKS 6405 with welding bead limitation 2.0 mm
• AKS 6410 with weld bead limitation 0.2 mm
(equipped with heated crushing plates and stainless steel knives)



  • Parallel and diagonal welding feed processes
  • Weld bead limitation 2.0 mm or 0.2 mm
  • Teflon quick-change system without removing the heating element
  • User-friendly work surface
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Automatic adjustment and monitoring of the welding process
  • Leveling / compensation welding
  • C – weld
  • PLL+ welding technology
  • Automatic transport
  • Stable machine frame thanks to honeycomb technology
  • Low-wear heavy-duty guides
  • Integrated window frame strips


  • U-welding
  • Replaceable limitation gauges
  • 2+2 welding for oversized items
  • HFL and CUBE welding
  • Online connection
  • remote maintenance
  • Automatic welding bead and clamping gap adjustment
  • Seal shaper
  • air conditioning
  • scanner
  • speed welding
  • Outfeed with Vario Hub

Here you will find more information. Click on the icon to download.

AKS 6400 welding machine

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