AKS 1020 | single head welding machine

The butt welding machine U-R-B-A-N AKS 1020 with welding bead limitation 2.0 mm, with which you can weld plastic window profiles at an angle of 30 to 180 degrees, impresses with its sensational price-performance ratio as well as its stability and flexibility.e

Solid guide elements made of precision steel shafts are the basis for a robust machine design and a long service life in your production. The individual welding parameters such as welding temperature, heating and joining time, adjusting and joining pressure, etc. are easy to set and with the parallel feed process of the welding carriage you achieve maximum corner strength.
Holding magnets allow you to quickly change the outer contour limits and thus flexible use in production. Two-hand operation and the automatic shutdown of the machine in the event of a power failure guarantee optimal operational safety in your production.



  • Weld bead limitation 2 mm
  • Angle adjustment from 30° – 180°
  • Welding parameters individually adjustable
  • parallel thrust procedure
  • Short changeover times


  • support stand

Here you will find more information. Click on the icon to download.

AKS 1200 single head welding machine

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